Lessons Learned – The Importance of Inspections

In my last post I talked about how to take advantage of the physical inspection report. In this and the next few posts I’ll talk a little more about the various types of inspections and the value they bring to the purchase process. If I could share only one lesson I’ve learned from the home-buying process it would be the importance of inspections. Inspections help to prevent the purchase of a “money-pit”. They help to support the value. And they provide a sense of security.

A properly drafted purchase contract will give the buyer the right to fully investigate the property. Typically they have a specified period of time in which to complete inspections. Inspections educate the buyer about existing issues providing them with a better picture of the condition or value of the property. The reports give the buyer documentation to support a request to the seller for a repair to a preexisting problem. And the report provides the new owner with a checklist which can be used to prioritize on-going preventative maintenance.

While the physical inspection report may be one of the first and more valuable investments you make in your new home there are other inspections to consider. The purchase contract and inspection contingency form point out some of the other areas to inspect.  The physical inspection report may call for additional inspections. And the disclosures may bring to light a potential issue. Review all of these and discuss with your Realtor® the cost and timing to have specialists perform an in-depth inspection.

SOLD by Roxy
SOLD by Roxy

Other inspections commonly performed within San Juan County are those for the septic, well and wood-destroying organisms. My next few blog posts will talk about these inspections in a little more detail. If you’d like to learn more please feel free to call or text me at my anywhere number 619.224.9015 or e-mail Roxy@RoxyMarck.com

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